Feeding Information


  -Barley & peas with a bit of oats.  As the             hogs get older, use less peas.

  -Wheat should not ever be used in great            amounts regardless of the size of the              hog.


  Butcher Birds

  -After 21 days on chick starter, use 75%              rolled wheat and 25% flax or canola.          -Rolled oats can be used in smaller                    amounts to reduce leg problems and              encourage slower growth.

  Laying Hens

   -60% rolled oats, 30% rolled wheat and              10% flax.

*Oyster shell, #2 grit, and limestone are             used as free choice for healthy bone and       egg development.


  -3/4 pound of 30% beef supplement with            rumensin for backgrounding and                      finishing calves as well as cows if feed is        poor.  (Rumensin improves digestion,              reduces bloat and contains critical                  vitamins and minerals.)

   -Rolled barley mostly with not too much            wheat.

   -Rolled oats to be used on baby calves              starting on feed.  A few rolled peas can          be used when weather turns cold.

   -Generally cattle use 1 lb/ 100 lb weight.  A        lot depends on the quality of the hay.

We have decox pellets available too for mixing in grain for baby calves.

*Winter mineral is also used year round.  *Dilution occurs during sunny summer                months with a basic salt trace mineral.


*All types of feed are available year round.