Our family farm was established in 1962 and is now moving towards being a third generation farm.  Originally, the farm was solely a cattle and grain operation.  Currently we have added a small sheep flock, twelve laying hens and we have been dabbling with finishing pigs.   We grow a garden with fresh produce for ourselves and believe that eating good quality food that is grown on the farm is a good health choice.  We take the business of agriculture seriously and believe in the importance of good quality feed for animals and good quality beef for people.


We grow our own grain, consisting mainly of oats and barley, and feed approximately 25% of our production to our own livestock. The remainder is rolled and sold by the pound to our customers by a tub, tote, or tandem load.  We also source grain from other farms, particularly for those grains we do not grow ourselves.


Everything is weighed on a government inspected scale.

Special Offers: 6% discount for retired folks and 4-H members.

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Current Prices:

Rolled Barley, Wheat or Oats @ $0.25-0.33/lb respectively

Flax/Canola Blend @ $0.75/lb

Sunflowers $0.75/lb

Cracked Corn $0.50/lb

Rolled Peas $0.32/lb

Alfalfa Cubes $0.28/lb

Wild Bird Seed

       (Flax, Sunflower, Rolled Corn, Peas and Wheat) $0.80/lb


Add some (Max. 5% of blend)

Peas, Canola or Flax $0.02/lb


Whole grain:  (Excluding canola and flax)


"Signature Blends" - Chicken Feed

Layer Ration $0.35/lb

Approx. 60% oats, 10% barley, 20% wheat, 10% flax/canola, splash of peas, vitamins and minerals.

Butcher Ration: $0.33/lb

Approx. 60% wheat, 10% Barley, 20% oats, 10% flax/canola, splash of peas, vitamins and minerals.


REFILLABLE Totes and tubs are available for purchase. 

1 Gallon Pail: $10.00

5 Gallon Pail: $15.00

20 Gallon Container $70.00

60 Gallon Container $170.00

Tote $35.00

You can return the above containers in reusable condition and we will give you all of your money back less a $10.00 rental fee.

The larger containers are supplied by Paddle Plastics of Mayerthorpe.  We believe in Reduce, Recycle, Reuse.

Customers may also bring their own containers to help reduce the amount of packaging and waste. 

Delivery is available.  


All cuts come from grain fed animals under 16 months of age, making the beef extremely tender! Due to the cost of labor and efficiency in storage, steaks and roasts are sold as an assortment which includes a mixture of both high and low end cuts.  
Not Currently Available
Consists of approx.
1/3 Lean Ground Beef
1/3 Asst Roasts and Stew
1/3 Asst Steaks
Total: 45 lbs for $345.00
Lean Ground Beef     $5.50/lb
Ribs                           $6.50/lb
Liver                           $4.50/lb
Asst Roasts & Stew   $7.50/lb
Asst Steaks                $11.50/lb 
Tongue & Heart          $4.50/lb   
Bulk pricing available for large orders. Please call for more information. If you are interested in other items such as heart, kidney,  tongue or dog bones let us know.  We may have that too!
Stats Canada has a good table identifying the average prices for a number of food items including cuts of beef.  You will find our prices fair to both you, the consumer, and us, the farmer that raised the animals.
We would like to emphasize that the beef we process is only brought to 80% of industry finished weight. This makes our beef leaner and easier to bar-b-que!  
Our beef is certified Angus/Simmmental/Charolais/Hereford  cross for those that prefer a more diverse taste!